Courtesy of my friend Brian who writes The Gate, here is a charity drive sponsored by Coca-Cola in cooperation with Kroger Supermarkets.  It is called Honoring Our Heroes and they have a two-fold drive.  The first is to donate 100,000 cans of Coke to the troops which you can help accomplish by simply clicking here.  Now I am sure there of those out there that think that there are better things we can give our military members than sugary caffeinated drinks (although it doesn’t seem to harm the young ones) and you are right.  The other drive is to raise money for one of my two favorite charities (the other being The Wounded Warrior Project) by soliciting a donation from you and then they will match that amount.  The ultimate goal is to raise $1,000,000 for Service Members and this fine organization.


We have written in the past about the USO which you can read here.  This is a great cause and we hope that you not only get a Coke in their hands, but also help a great organization such as the USO which of course you should be visiting whenever you are passing through the airport.

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  1. Nachshol says:

    Not only I agree that there’s better things to donate, I also don’t think that there’s any reason for ordinary people to go and “help [insert name of insanely big corporation here] donate money for [insert name of charity organization here]”. They don’t need my help to donate money or products.
    I might not have the business and marketing knowledge, but this kind of promotions make me not want to participate.

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