As you well might know, I’m a big fan of not paying fees, particularly annual fees on credit cards. And and you also might know, because I write about it all the time, if you’re active duty (and sometimes even a reservist or a guardsman), you can get your annual fees waived on most if not all your credit cards. I’ve heard of varying levels of success from our readers in their attempts at getting SCRA benefits applied to their accounts so they could have their annual fee waived.


I’ve been universally successful in getting my annual fees waived…well, almost. My Bank of America Virgin Atlantic account has an SCRA application pending, but I anticipate it’ll be approved. And yes, @Benji (one of our astute readers), US Bank did approve my SCRA application, after much emailing back and forth. I think my success has been partially luck, and partially my tendency to keep asking, respectfully, until I get what I want.


I’ve had a reader email me asking about all my cards. I’m going to list my cards, and their respective annual fees, to see how much benefit I’m getting; it’s substantial! By bank:


American Express

Mercedes Benz Platinum – $475

SPG personal – $65

Hilton Surpass – $75

Blue Cash Preferred – $75

SPG business – $65

Gold business – $175



Ritz Carlton – $395

Sapphire Preferred – $95

United MileagePlus Explorer – $95

IHG Rewards – $49

Ink Plus business – $95

Ink Plus business #2 – $95



Prestige – $450

AA Executive (since cancelled this year) – $450

Premier – $95

AA Platinum – $95

Hilton Reserve – $95

Forward – $0

Best Buy – $0

AA Platinum business – $95

AA Platinum business #2 – $95

ThankYou business – $0



No Hassle Rewards Visa – $0



Arrival+ – $89

US Air (since cancelled this year) – $89

US Air #2 (also cancelled) – $89

Lufthansa (since cancelled this year) – $79


Bank of America

Virgin Atlantic – $90


US Bank

REI – $0

Club Carlson – $75

Lifemiles (since cancelled) – $75



It – $0



Amex – $0

World MC – $0


Taken all together, that’s $3,715 that I’ve saved over the past year. That’s a bit misleading however, as some of the above cards had their annual fee waived the first year anyways, and several of the ones I cancelled were that way. That being said, it was still a substantial amount that I’ve been able to save, purely from being a military member! See yesterday’s post if you want direction on how to apply for these benefits


Yes, that’s 28 cards, which is a crazy amount; however I can assure you there are those with twice that many. I mean, you heard about this guy right?


If you’re wondering why I cancelled so many Barclaycard cards, it’s because they are really strict about approving new accounts when you already have a bunch; it’s a churner’s nightmare.


If you have any questions let me know in the comments or email.



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3 responses to “I saved over $3000 on annual fees this year!”

  1. Gene says:

    Are retired / 100% disabled vets eligible, too?

  2. James says:

    Have you had any trouble getting approved for new cards once the credit card company sees that you are getting annual fees waived?

  3. Andy says:

    @Gene – generally not, although it never hurts to ask, as I know several vets who have successfully had SCRA benefits apply. I wish I could tell you how they got it when others didn’t, but I don’t know.

    @James – No, not at all. They don’t take that into account.

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