I am probably Boarding Area’s number one fan of Anchorage, AK.  Mainly because I lived and worked there from 2002-2009 and we kept our house there even after moving out.  Anchorage has a lot going for it.  It is large enough at 370,000+ population to have pretty much anything that you need, but not so large that crime or traffic are problems.  Of course, things are always relative.  When we arrived there in 2002 the big election issue was that it was taking more than 15 minutes to get across town!

Anchorage has one of the best small airports in the country.  Fully renovated over the last ten years, it is very modern inside with lots of good restaurants and the Alaska Boardroom lounge.

ANCHNL Mileage Run 068

Lot’s of stuffed animals for you to take your picture with to show your friends!

Here is a picture of my house in Anchorage.  I go this after our igloo burned down.  Yes, there are people that really believe that we live in igloos and there is snow year round.  I always offer to exchange their U.S. dollars for Alaskan dollars for them…

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I could write a whole blog on all the interesting things that go on in Anchorage.  Let me limit myself to a couple of things we did in the 36 hours we spent here.  We had lunch at a BBQ place that my wife has been raving on Old Seward Hwy. near 36th St. about called  the Turnagain Arm Pit.  Yep, that’s Alaskan humor for you.  But the food was good and I tried their signature sandwich, the Boar Tide.  A 1/2 lb. of pulled pork topped with a slab of bacon.  Sprinkled with a variety of their homemade BBQ sauces and I was a pretty happy Alaskan!

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After this we went over to the Segaya Mid-Town Market.  If you are in Anchorage, check out any of the three Segaya’s Markets for some of the most eclectic food items you can find.  For a week during the summer, they even have live King Crab and you get a real idea of how big those monsters really are!  For this trip, I snapped a picture that I thought you all would like.  It is very Alaskan to slather your Turducken with a tub of duck fat for that extra special heart attack.  At least you’ll die with a smile on your face!

ANCHNL Mileage Run 044

So that’s it for Alaskan stuff this trip, but I will come up with more if you all like it.  Hmm,  maybe I could start a reality show based in Alaska…

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4 responses to “Sights and Tastes of Anchorage”

  1. Denise L says:

    I am in the process of planning a quick trip to Anchorage. It has been 10 years since my last visit so I’d love to hear more about sights and restaurants.

  2. Carlh says:

    I love Anchorage too and all my friends that have not been there think I’m nuts. We’re even considering retiring to Anchorage in about ten years. You can also do a great and reasonably priced side trip to Barrow from Anchorage. I’ve been to both Anchorage and Barrow in both the summer and winter and winter was even better than the summer.

  3. Simon says:

    My favorite city! I live in Los Angeles and head over there once a year, usually for the long Labor Day weekend. Drive down to Seward, check out the county fair, hang out at the bars downtown. Such a fun city.

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