Get 20% Off at all Office Depot Stores with Veterans Advantage

I have written several of times about getting and using the Veterans Advantage card and its associated discounts here, here, and most recently here.

I get it primarily for the 5% off all United/ JetBlue/ Lufthansa flights which pays for its membership right there for me.  Also, however, it has great discounts off of rental cars, buying stuff at Sears/ Kmart, AMTRAK, and even medevac back tot he States if you have a serious health issue while traveling.  I didn’t think too much about the latter, until one reader wrote to say how that benefit saved them thousands of dollars.

VetAdv Office Discount

They have now added yet another benefit that a lot of people can use – 20% off just about everything at Office Depot/ Office Max.  No, sorry, you can’t get 20% off gift cards there (I already checked), but just about everything else.  A $300 annual spend at Office Depot would pay for the membership fee just by itself, let alone all the other discounts you get with membership.

I have heard from a number of readers that think this membership is not a good value and that these companies should just be giving all veterans the discounts associated with this card.  OK, then I should get the AAA or AARP discount at hotels even though I am not a member?  Veterans Advantage is a business that benefits veterans, just like AARP is a business that benefits seniors.  Personally, I do the math and  find these discounts add up to several times of the membership price.  One tip, if you get the multi-year membership, it works out to only about $30/year.

Disclaimer:  We have no financial relationship with Veterans Advantage and get no compensation for our reviews.


    1. @ Al – No, it says that it excludes tech products. I guess that would be a little too good, wouldn’t it?

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