This is a follow on post to the post that I made last week about the new 20% discount card members can get at Office Depot/ Office Max.  One person inquired asking if tech items were included.  I had to respond that tech items are not included.  That’s understandable to me since they are high dollar items.  However, someone emailed me with all of the tech items that you can get with a discount using your Vet Adv card.

Technology product and service discounts are offered through several other key partnerships in the program, including:
1. Dell: PC laptop, desktops and tablets. 10% off select PCs and tablets and 30% off bags
2. Apple: Mac laptops, desktops and AppleCare protection. Unspecified, but you can use it in stores as well as on-line.  Someone test this out and let us know.
3. Verizon Wireless: Mobile accessories 25% off
4. Verizon Wireless & T-Mobile: Monthly wireless plans 15% off
5. Sears: $35 off a $300 purchase
6. Verizon FiOS: Double play and triple play home Internet bundles ($60-120/yr.)
We’d be very interested here at TMFF as to how well these discounts stack up with any other offers/ discounts that you can get.  Please report back on how well these work for you.

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