Hey gang, sorry for the paucity of articles from me, I’m currently PCSing to Okinawa, so things have been rather hectic. Fortunately, our astute readers have been sending us article ideas.


One reader, who wishes to remain anonymous, but might be a senior chief, sent me an example from his USAA account of a great targeted offer. As you can see below, he’d get a $100 credit to his USAA World Mastercard after spending $1k per month for 3 months:


It’s not the greatest offer I’ve ever seen, but if you’re already using that card, it’d be worth it for the extra $100.
Make sure you check out your offers – just google “USAA offers” and then log in to your account, or even easier, check them out on your USAA phone app. I didn’t have this particular offer unfortunately. Please let us know if you get any more intriguing offers!

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3 responses to “Make sure to check your USAA offers!”

  1. Jonathan says:

    Glad to hear you’re headed to Oki. Hopefully you can help me figure out some creative ways to manufacture spend out here.

  2. A says:

    Glad to hear that you are PCSing to Oki! I miss living there. I got an offer a few months back for $300 after two direct deposits to my USAA checking account. I switched my direct deposit, but the bonus still hasn’t posted (it has been since June). USAA does have some great offers and I agree that everyone should regularly check them out.

  3. […] Make sure to check your USAA offers! by Military Frequent Flier. We’ve talked about this deal before, but if you missed our post make sure you check your account. Earning $100 for $1,000 spend on an existing account is a pretty damn good deal. […]

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