Seeing Gary’s post today, it reminded me that the wife and I have a lot of expiring Upgrade Certificates on Alaska Airlines.  It seems like the four Alaska MVP Gold Guest Upgrade Certificates went pretty fast.  Since my wife and I are an Alaska Airlines power couple (both MVP Gold75K’s), we can be a little more generous.  We have 15, yes 15, upgrade certificates that we can give away.  I’ll give away one or two (max, need to let everyone have a chance) to each person who replies to this post.  Remember that the certificates can only be used this month and, most importantly, you must see “U” class availability for your flight.  See the example below:

Alaska Upgrades

If you have a flight that qualifies, leave us a post.  For those of you asking why we have 15 excess upgrades, it is because we usually book the lowest fare knowing that as Gold75Ks we will probably get upgraded even without the upgrade cert.  The wife is 19 for 22 upgrades this year and I am 14 for 19.  Being a Gold75K is pretty nice!

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37 responses to “Who Wants an Alaska Upgrade?”

  1. Lukas says:

    I would love to get a certificate for me and my girlfriend for our flight back from LAX to YVR at the end of our West Coast Tour in March 2016! 🙂

  2. Fawna says:

    With 4 upcoming flights that qualify, I would be happy to be a recipient of your generosity. Thank you for the offer. 🙂

  3. Alex Paik says:

    Hi, I have two flights coming up that could use some upgrades and would seriously appreciate the coupons!
    Thanks in advance for the opportunity!

  4. Alex (@noviceflyer) says:

    I have 2 gold upgrades as well. I probably wont use them.

  5. Bret Dunham says:

    My partner and I have a flight in January that qualifies if you still have two left. Thanks for your generosity. 🙂

  6. Joe C says:

    I dont need them, just want to say what you’re doing is kind and I’m sure those that can use them are going to be very appreciative. Play it forward people, kindness goes a long way!

  7. Jeff Metz says:

    Can I have an upgrade certificate? I have one flight booked next year without the upgrade.

  8. patrick t says:

    I would love to have one of those if possible, would be great to move up a bit for my trip to vancouver on christmas eve. thank you !

  9. Econjon says:

    Hi, we would love to use two for our Hawaii flight next year

  10. Dimitri says:

    I would like those, flying with family and 2 biz trips, would really appreciate that.

  11. Ali says:

    Hi – I would happily accept two of these upgrades for my wife and I. Not sure when they expire but we’re looking at Hawaii in Fall/Winter 2016. Thanks

  12. Derek says:

    Hi, I will certainly use 2 upgrades this month if they are still available. Thank you for your generous offer whether or not they are still available!

  13. Angela says:

    Going to Hawaii at the end of December with family (of 6). It would be great to have even 2 of these!

  14. Allen says:

    Please please please , I’m taking my wife and kid on a ski trip in Jan, I’ll sit in economy they can seat in the good seats! Please and thanks

  15. Benji says:

    Please don’t take this as a slight to your generosity, but for my situation this would be an awful deal. I’m disappointed in Alaska Air. I wasn’t sure if I had to search for MVP upgrade or gold upgrade. The price was more than twice the lowest available non upgrade fair. Being curious I searched for first class. It is cheaper for me to buy a first class ticket than a coach ticket that one can upgrade.

  16. Jason says:

    My wife and I are flying Alaska in three weeks and would appreciate 2 upgrade certificates. I checked and it does have “U” class availability. Thanks.

  17. Myles says:

    I’d love one for my flight to Dallas in a few weeks :o)

  18. Eric says:

    I have a flight in two weeks that qualifies. Yes please.

  19. Jason says:

    Trying again, doesn’t seem like the first one went through.

    My wife and I are flying Alaska in three weeks and would appreciate 2 upgrade certificates. I checked and it does have “U” class availability. Thanks.

  20. Ben ND says:

    I’d love to get my hands on a couple of those if at all possible! There’s a couple of destinations I have in mind that I want to secure first class for! Thanks!

  21. Sam says:

    I have a flight for Christmas this month that has U-class available. Thanks for offering.

  22. Erica Schim says:

    Hi I would love to have a couple for our next vacation. Thank you

  23. David Singer says:

    My wife and I can use two upgrade certificates for our flight on Alaska a week from Saturday. Thanks!

    • glenn says:

      Alright, everyone, that’s all there is! Demand was pretty overwhelming. I will watch our account for the next couple of weeks and see if the upgrades are used. If not used by the 20th, I reserve the right to give them to someone else. I will give out any in the order of requests received to date so no need to reply again. Thanks for playing!

  24. Emi says:

    Glenn, first wanted to say ive been following since your post on luxury cards; just getting started woth points/miles and thought your post was informative. Second thank you for running this contest, these are always fun! Hope to get one of these for my trip to Costa Rica with my boyfriend next June!!

  25. Francis E says:

    Hello Glenn, I have a couple flights from SEATAC for TDY that I’d appreciate upgrading. Thank you!

  26. Elizabeth Haglund says:

    we do not qualify for these upgrades, but are just getting involved in the miles and points game and trying to figure it all out. We have Alaska flights to Hawaii next July so hopefully you will think of us next year. Love all your posts and help with the miles and points game.

  27. scott says:

    Aloha, My wife and I are flying Kona to Seattle and Settle to Omaha on Alaska air to go visit family in Nebraska this summer. My wife and I are both school teachers and would love to see what its like to fly first class. Thanks for all you do and for your service for our country.
    Army Veteran, Scott

  28. Jaosn says:

    Flying DFW – SEA every weekend this month so I’d love one.



  29. oliver says:

    I will be flying solo next week SEA to EWR, would be nice for a upgrade. Thanks for your consideration.

  30. George says:

    My very pregnant wife would love FC for our flight home for Christmas this month!

  31. Shane Ishmael says:

    Would Bettyish1647 ever so grateful to have a chance at the upgrade on AlaskaAirlines. Just me on the 23 of Dec return 13 of January

  32. It appears that Alaska Airlines will honor the code that you gave me thank you so much I do not want to be selfish but if you have another one that will expire prior to January 13th I fly back from Anchorage on January 13th to Chicago have a Merry Christmas

  33. I could use one for January 13th if you still have one sir

  34. LeRoy says:

    Hi, I’m not going to B.S. you but my wife and I have booked a trip to Hawaii for our 25 wedding anniversary on Alaska and a upgrade to first class would be the bomb.

    Ps. Thank you for your service.
    My dad retired navy.

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