Scott & company at Veterans Advantage are continually looking for new deals and discounts they can arrange for Veterans Advantage members.  If you are not familiar with Veterans Advantage, you can find my previous reviews here and here.


This latest deal is a 10% discount at this theme park for vacation packages which include a hotel stay of at least three nights and admission to the park.  10% may not sound like a huge amount, but I know my brother spent thousands when he took his family of six there recently.  10% can be a pretty good deal.

You might say, “but they already give a military discount”.  Yes, but my research shows that it is only for active and retired military, not merely if you are a veteran.  Since Veterans Advantage membership also applies to those closely related to a veteran (just like USAA) this opens up this discount to a lot more people.  The military discount is also kind of weird in that it doesn’t state a set discount, but that the discount is up to what your base’s tours and travel office offers.

Just one more reason why you might want to get a Vet Adv membership.  I more than pay for my membership with the 5% discount on United and jetBlue as well as 15% off AMTRAK.  Our household also gets a lot from the 20% off coupons for CVS.  However, there are a lot of discounts that would fit everyone’s lifestyle that make this membership very worthwhile.


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