The 2nd Hotel my family and I stayed in during our first two weeks on Okinawa was the Hilton Okinawa Chatan Resort, located in the central part of of the island, near both American Village and Camp Foster. (See my first stay in Okinawa here) Although I wasn’t too keen on staying near American village (not exactly an authentic Japanese experience), it was uber-convenient for our check in process, getting our Japanese driver’s licenses, etc.


At the time I booked our three night stay there, I was Hhonors Gold (now Hhonors Diamond through a status match using my Hyatt Diamond, which itself was obtained through a status match and challenge in August, and is good through Feb 2017!), which guaranteed both Club access and free breakfasts, and an upgrade to a room with a balcony!
They didn’t have a king bed available with the balcony, only with out a balcony. So we chose the one with balcony and two full-size beds. My son is 5 and can sleep anywhere, so we put a bunch of pillows and comforters on the floor, and he slept like a king!



The room was spacious and well-appointed, with chargers over both nightstands, and blackout curtains, both of which are, to me, essential to a good hotel room. Free water bottles were provided every day, and the beds and pillows were super comfy.

The bathroom was really nice, with a Japanese style bath/shower room, and of course a Japanese style washlet toilet, which I love. The amenities were Peter Thomas Roth, which are what I would say is mid-level (not like Aesop at Hyatts).




The balcony was huge, and very secluded, surrounded by hedges, but with just enough room to check out the westward view. Unfortunately there aren’t really any nice beaches in this part of Okinawa; you have to go further North for those. The area is ok, with lots of restaurants and stores nearby, if that’s what you like.




Check out this sunset!


Overall, Hilton does a really nice job taking care of you, and they definitely took care of us. There was a breakfast available in either their downstairs buffet restaurant Suriyun, or in their Club room on the 9th floor which didn’t have quite a big selection, but was far less crowded. The club lounge also offered free happy hour for gold and diamonds from 5-9, and a decent food selection. I was very pleased with our stay here and can’t say enough about their customer service; everyone there is so pleasant and helpful.  


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  1. Ari K says:

    Wow, I can see my old “mansion” from your balcony 🙂 If you’re ever in that area again, check out Cafe Terrace Nirai across the marina.

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