War Zone Tourism

Most tour companies have a pitch for you to walk their beautiful sand beaches, tropical paradise, or see some ancient sites.  Sounds enticing, right?  So take a look at this pitch:

“If your idea of a good time is driving through a Hezbollah rally and then going to get some sushi, Beirut is definitely the edgy Mediterranean destination for you.”

Or how about “Where wildlife, oil, and AK47s abound: how can this region be anything but fascinating.”

Beirut, Iraq, Mexico and Africa are all tourism destinations of War Zone Tours.  As incredible as it sounds, there are people that really want to go to these places of danger and experience what it is to be like in the middle of a conflict.  The founders started this back in 1993 and say they have conducted tours in over 50 countries.  They are staffed with High Risk Environment (HRE) guides are all experienced security professionals having spent years traveling dangerous areas of the world.  Many are former military special operations personnel.  Hmmm, so am I, maybe this should be my retirement job?

Apparently, they will customize the tour to your desires.  However, I doubt they will give you IBA and an M-4, so you take your chances.  And to think I scored two completely free tours of Iraq courtesy of Uncle Sam!  Another great military benefit.  For those who missed out on deployment, go for it.  Just don’t ask POTUS to save you if things go south…


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