Finally getting around to a cool story from one of our readers, Bob.  He found a great way to re-purpose one of the new Polaris amenities cases.  Let me share his note to us.

I recently flew United’s new Polaris Business Class product and took home my amenity kit. While most airlines collaborate with an established partner to “brand” their kits (i.e., Tumi with Delta, Cole Haan with AA., etc.) it appears United decided to go it alone. And while most cases can be repurposed after the flight to hold charging cables or toiletries, United’s zip-open clam-shell case is rigid with inside pockets that are misshapen for almost anything besides what is already in there… Unless you are a service member. I found that the case is perfect for safekeeping medals. It folds open so my large medals (3 rows) are on the right and mini-medals on the left if the case used upside down. I stick a piece of felt between each side when I close and zip. The medals are held in firmly and securely. The photos attached explains this better.

UA Polaris Medals Holder (1) UA Polaris Medals Holder (2) UA Polaris Medals Holder (3)

Thanks, Bob!  What a cool idea for the military traveler.  Anyone else out there have a good tip for military travelers?

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2 responses to “A Cool Use for Your Old Polaris Amenities Case”

  1. Ronny says:

    I use it to store my Purple Heart and my nobel prize.

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