Just got a sweet offer in my inbox for my AMEX Business Platinum card.  I just completed the initial spend quals to earn 100,000 MR points by the end of April.  Spend went to other things in the meantime, but they are enticing me back with this deal:



Not too confident to go for all 50,000 points for $10 grand, but certainly can spend $5,000 to get 40,000 MR points!  I am still grandfathered in where I will get 50% of my points back on my preferred airline or Business/ First on any airline.  I don’t even need to register.


Anyone else get this offer?

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3 responses to “Great New Offer of 50,000 MR Points From AMEX Business Plat (Targeted?)”

  1. Albert says:

    I’ve been more focused on Chase UR and AMEX SPG accurals of late. Haven’t explored AMEX MR much. With targeted offers like this (sometimes) coming customers’ way, MR is becoming a more attractive travel hacking option.

    Thanks for the post! — Albert, USAF ret.

  2. Shane says:

    I am active duty military and would have loved to know this before I closed my AMEX account. Years ago I had a AMEX card and got rid of it because of the yearly fees. If I applied for another one, would I get the fees waived? The AMEX platinum card sounds enticing.

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