Received a very enticing email today for American:

10,000 miles per night?  Yes, please!  However, when checking out the details it was not quite so lucrative.  I checked for a trip to Honolulu that we are planning for January.  The site lists the number of miles earned depending on the hotel.  Here is an example of the disparity that you may find:

So pay $939/ night and you’ll earn the 10,000 miles/ night advertised.  However, the second listing shown is just as likely where you will only earn 1 mile/ $.   Not to say that you can’t find some bargain deals.  Here is one that looks good from Sheraton:

A very nice hotel for a good price and 3,000 AA miles/ night?  Yes, I would say this is a good deal.

You can experiment on your own by going to AA’s site here.  Let us know if you find some great bargains out there.

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