I was fortunate enough to travel to the French Riviera earlier this month and was very impressed.  Made me homesick for California where I grew up.  Flying out of Nice, I was able to experience one of several very nice private lounges which can be accessed by Priority Pass.  Even though Nice is one of the larger cities in France, the airport is fairly small by American standards.  If you have Loungebuddy, finding one of the four lounges there shouldn’t be a problem.  They all have cute little names such as the Levity Lounge or Library Lounge.  The one I reviewed is called the Infinity Lounge.

You will see an elevator up to the lounge, but I would advise not to waste your time.  I waited five minutes and finally ended up taking the stairs to the left in the photo.

Once up the stairs, the checking in process was very easy.  Didn’t even need to sign like with most Priority Pass visits.

The space inside is very eclectic, like four different architects designed it.  I kind of liked the rattan swing chairs.  Although the section with a bajillion power points was great for all you “connected” flyers.

Food and beverages were pretty decent.  Nice pastries and packaged foods.  Plenty of booze for those who want to start the day early.

I was very happy with my caffeine and chocolate croissants!  On the whole a nice little lounge to bide your time in while waiting for your flight.


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  1. Ric Garrido says:

    Good to know. I will be in Nice NCE for the first time in October.

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