Using our AS miles for a Business Class flight from BUD to DXB and then on to IAD two days later was costly in terms of miles, but the 105K miles were worth it.  One of the benefits that I really enjoyed was enjoying the Emirates’ Business Class Lounge at DXB.  We lived in Dubai from 2000 to 2002 and we enjoyed the old Business Class Lounge (you only had to be Silver in the Emirates program to get access), but this new lounge was over the top.  If you are familiar with Dubai, “over the top” should surprise no one.

Business or First passengers get sped through the terminal.  A short walk through Duty-Free gets you to the entrance to the lounge.  So I should probably start out by explaining how different the Emirates lounges are.  They cover the entire floor of the terminal.  Yes, each one.  This photo should explain it well.

See the Duty-Free on the bottom floor,, then the next level up is the First Class Lounge, then the level I am on is the Business Class Lounge.  Why does each lounge cover the entire terminal?  Because you load the aircraft directly from the lounge!

So when you enter the lounge, they actually need to direct which way to go so you are close to your boarding gate ass shown by this sign.  We arrive six hours before our flight so they apologized that they only had half the lounge open.

Needless to stay the lounge is expansive.  Plenty of sub-divided areas make it seem more intimate than the size would suggest.

They have several kids areas. So plenty to keep the kids occupied if you are spoiling your kids by flying them in Emirates Business.

And several areas to take a nap.  Note the blanket and eye mask that come with each lounger.  Note that some are more secluded than others, so look for those behind a  screen if you don’t want to be disturbed.  Just make sure you tell your spouse where to find you!

And there is food, plenty of food.  There are at least four major dining areas where the staff will serve you what they have on hand.

You’ll notice that the bar is co-located with the food and the staff is happy to serve you whatever they have in a bottle.

And for desert, help yourself to all the Haagen-Daz you can handle!

I should mention that the bathrooms all have toothbrushes and shaving kits if you want one.  We spent six hours here and ate more than I care to remember – four time I think?  Anyway, time to board the flight and enjoy the good life even more,..



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