The Conrad Bangkok Review Part 2

Continuing on from the review of the Conrad Bangkok yesterday.

This hotel is proof of the importance of having enough status to access the lounge.  It was first class and saved us untold amounts of money by providing a good breakfast every morning and even a few meals at their nightly happy hour.  They even had afternoon tea!

The lounge covers half the 29th floor and has a wide variety of hot and cold foods.  The waiter or waitress will happily get you any drinks you wish.

a restaurant with people in the background a buffet line of food

There is a custom omelet station and serves breakfast to suit travelers from around the world including German coldcuts and Chinese Dim Sum.

a counter with bowls of food a tray of waffles and jams on a table

a group of baskets on a table a shelf with food on it

The leftover pastries make a reappearance at afternoon tea.  And still taste just as good then.

Happy Hour from 1730 – 1930 is really a light meal and drinks, including mixed drinks made to order.  You can start with salad or cheeses.

a table with plates of cheese and forks a trays of bread and rolls

a table full of food a buffet table with food on it

They have gourmet spoons which I am not sophisticated enough to enjoy, but my foodie wife really liked.  I had a hard time getting the Peking Duck as it disappeared as soon as they brought out a plate of it.

a table with spoons and food a bowl of food in a pot

a plate of fruit on a table a plate on the counter

The waiter or waitress will come by and top off your drink or you can help yourself to a variety of beer and wine.

a group of bottles in a bucket of ice a bowl of beer bottles in ice

The views cover three sides of the building and are interesting day and night.

a city skyline with many tall buildingsa city with many tall buildings

When you are not stuffing yourself in the lounge, you can go relax by the poolside.  Although, it is a little too hot and sticky to enjoy it during the day.  Early evening was lovely though.

a pool with lounge chairs and palm trees a pool with palm trees and buildings

a pool with a waterfall and plantspeople in a pool

They have a full spa and a huge gym with its own dance studio.  Unfortunately, I seem to have lost the photos of those.

There is also a couple of restaurants and a café, although if you get lounge access, there is no need to visit those.  On the ground floor is a nice bar, although it seemed empty much of the time.

a room with chairs and tables

Lastly, they had a Buddha, in celebration of Songkran to pour water on and wish for good fortune.  Here is my wife wishing for good luck in shopping.

a woman standing in front of a table with flowers

On the whole a great hotel and probably the best time of year to visit.  April is hot and dry in Thailand, but there are plenty of ways to cool off especially the traditional water fights!


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