United has come out with their annual promotion.  In the past, they offered bonus award miles if you flew a certain number of miles in a short period.  The requirement was tailored to a MileagePlus member’s relative amount of travel.  Those with little travel being required to travel only a little, but also getting only a few thousand miles.


This promotion is a little different in requiring a certain number of flights rather than a certain number of miles.

Note the dollar requirement for each of the flights to count to avoid gamers finding the two very cheap commuter flights to get the bonus.  While others (notably Angelina of Angelina Travels) seem to have gotten fairly unattractive offers, I am quite tempted by mine. 31,000 UA miles are worth $527 if you value UA miles at 1.7 cents each.

This offer is most attractive to those of you who already have one or more flights planned for Sep/Oct already.  I have one flight at the end of Oct. already set, so tempted to fly one more flight over $450 to get those bonus miles.

What about you?  Anyone else get an offer.  Please post it here so we can compare.  For reference, I am a Lifetime Gold on UA with about 55,000EQM so far this year.

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6 responses to “United Promises Me 31,000 Miles for Only Two Flights”

  1. JRG says:

    1,600 miles for one trip of $125; 400 miles for dining once at MP Dining; 2,000 more miles if both of the other two are met.

  2. Sam says:

    Keep in mind Gov’t fares (booked through DTS) do NOT count toward any of these promotions.

  3. Ben says:

    6,000 miles for one trip of $150. Presumably that’ll be $150 before taxes and fees. And do you reckon a round-trip fare of, say $80 +tax each way, would be classed as one fare of $160 or fail to fulfil the offer?

  4. Rare1 says:

    4 trips in a premium cabin to get 130,000 miles. *Each purchased fare must be a min of $1,600 to qualify.

    I’ll get right on that…not.

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