We have a generous donor named Bill, who is giving away 4 United Global Premier Upgrades (GPUs) which are expiring 31 Jan. He would like these to go to military personnel traveling this month.  The tricky part about using UA GPUs is that they need to be for W class fares or higher.

GPUs: These are for international travel, but have significant restriction on what fare class you can apply them to.  From the UA page: Global Premier Upgrades are not available on flights booked in fare classes Z, P, S, T, K, L, G or N. Meaning that you can’t use them on the cheapest fares.  Even cheap First or Business Class.

The United Upgrade page has the details.

We have successfully given away these type of upgrades every year, but do make sure you have the right airfare. Anyone military Service Member who wants one of these should email me at glennagoddard@gmail.com with your name and Record Locator.  I will then send to Bill and he can apply the GPU from his account.

Thanks for your generosity Bill!

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