Our generous donor still has a few Plus Points left if you are flying United before the end of this month when they expire. Send me an email at glennagoddard@gmail.com or post a reply if you are interested.

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7 responses to “United Upgrades Still Available for Military Members or Family Members Flying Before the End of the Month”

  1. Don says:

    Wow! How generous of you! I’m not flying United until Feb but wanted to say thanks nonetheless! Thanks so much!

  2. Jay says:

    I have 100 points I can donate

  3. Naci says:

    Hello Glenn! Do you have any experience with upgrading airline seats using personal funds while on PCS orders? I’m about to take 2 transoceanic flights on PCS orders, and I want to pay for my own upgrade, but am unable to find current, practical guidance on how to make this happen. I tried to do this a year ago and both Wingate/TMC and the airline told me “Can’t do it”. I did read PTR sections 1,2,and 5, but it was not helpful. I appreciate any guidance you can provide, and thank you in advance!

  4. LCM says:

    I’m not sure if this is still valid but I have a round trip for work from overseas to stateside that this would be amazing for. I was hoping to cash in miles but the S fare class is requiring miles and a $600 co-pay.

    Regardless, Appreciate your members are offering this up. Tell them it’s very appreciated!

    • glenn says:

      @LCM – Sorry, those upgrades all expired 31 Jan. This is a yearly thing with United upgrades so watch this space next year in Dec/Jan.

  5. LCM says:

    Thanks Glenn! Regardless I think it’s awesome your members are offering those up. Cheers!

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