If You Are Still Flying, I Have Some UA Upgrades

Sorry, for not blogging a lot lately, but as a senior leader at the Corps of Engineers, you can imagine how busy I am right now.

One of our benefactors from last Jan. has contacted me to offer up some UA upgrades due to his cancelling his flights. Not too many flying these days, but I know there are some fellow military members that must fly despite the Coronavirus. If you are one of them, send me an email or comment.


Best of luck to everyone out there!


  1. Hey there brother. Reserve medical services officer here that is completing medical school overseas in Australia. I am planning on heading back next Thursday to continue the rest of my semester at home with family in the U.S. I would appreciate it greatly if you could help a brother out with the upgrade!

    1. @ Adam – Great, just send me your record locator and last name and we’ll see what we could do. You would think an upgrade would be guaranteed with all the light loads out there.

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