Most military members are aware of at least some of the military-run resorts that are set up to offer military families as first-class hotel at a discounted rate.  The four resorts are:

Shades of Green at Disneyworld

Hale Koa in Waikiki, HI

Dragon Hill Lodge in Seoul, Korea

Edelweiss in Garmisch, Germany (the German Alps)

All of these are fantastic to stay at, I particulary enjoyed staying at Edelweiss during my first R&R from Iraq.

However, there are several lesser known military resorts that I find many people are totally unaware of and thus never that advantage of.  Here are a few:

Pililaau Army Recreation Center
Pokai Bay, Hawaii
Pililaau Army Recreation Center (PARC) located on the Pokai Bay and is one of the best beach facilities on the island. It captures the essence of “old Hawaii” with beachfront property surrounded by rustic farms and homes. PARC is located just 35 miles from Waikiki and 18 miles from Schofield Barracks, on the beautiful Leeward Coast. The gentle waves and white sand beaches delight swimmers, snorkelers and scuba enthusiasts.

PARC is comprised of 39 beachfront cabins, one distinguished visitor cabin, an equipment rental center, club facility and cove pavilion area for group outings. All cabins are air conditioned, with ceiling fans, cable TV and telephone. The kitchens are equipped with cooking utensils, tableware, dishes and linen, a private sundeck and barbecue grill.

I love this one as it is a nice quiet way to enjoy Hawaii and sits near my favorite beach on Oahu.  A real get away as opposed to the excitment of Waikiki.

Kilauea Military Camp
Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, Hawaii Island
(808)967-8333 •
Located in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, Kilauea Military Camp (KMC)
sits amidst spectacular scenery, natural wonders, and cultural treasures
including the marvels of the active Kilauea Volcano. Hawaii Volcanoes National
Park is Hawaii’s number one visitor attraction in the state featuring one of the
most active volcano on earth. It has also been designated as a World Heritage
Site (one of 20 in the United States) by the United Nations Educational,
Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) as well as an International
Biosphere Reserve.
This one can’t be beat – cabins next to a volcano?  How great is that?
Seward Military Resort
Seward, Alaska
(907) 224-2659 •
The Seward Military Resort is offering a very affordable package from March 31st to May 13th!  Package includes Lodging, Gray Whale Tour and admission to the Alaska SeaLife Center.  An Amazing Price starting as low as $99 per person!
If you are a fisherman, this one is the best.  They will not only arrange a halibut charter, but when you get back they will cut your catch into one pound packages, vacuum seal and freeze them for you!  Anchorage is only two hours away and the visits to the glaciers and nature are fantastic.
Take advantage of these other resorts as well as the main ones.  They are all a well deserved perk of being in the military.  Note that many of these facilities are now managed by IHG so you can get points in the Holiday Inn program as well as a great vacation.

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  1. Ryan from MA says:

    Hello sir! I never knew about some of these sites! Do you think any of them are better than 4 star hotels? I’m wondering if its’ better just to book these sites or just use points toward a hyatt, hilton, or starwood hotel.
    Thank you sir!

  2. glenn says:

    @Ryan – All of these are cabins or bungalows. Nice and rustic, but definitely in the three star category. You want soft beds and room service go the hyatt, hilton, starwood route. The main draw for these is location. For example, on the Big Island, the nearest four or five star hotel is a good three hour drive away from Volcanos National Park and Anchorage is a (beautiful) two hour drive away from Seward’s fishing and glacier watching.

  3. Bill says:

    I’ve stayed at the PARC on Oahu for years. It is definitely rustic. I would give it about 2.5 stars. Not good for surfing but decent snorkeling. The main reason I like it is the waves are very calm most of the time. Nice sunsets. PARC is comprised of 39 beachfront cabins. Nice beach, and all cabins/bungalows are within 100 feet of the cove. Mostly quiet except on weekends when some partying goes on but the police will quiet it down after about 11pm. Weekdays are better. You are within 1/4 mile of Waianae and the local grocery store. You are right in with the locals. Not really near any great golf courses, and about 1 hour from Waikiki. Stay at PARC if you want to just relax, sit by the ocean and read a good book, dip in the water, snorkel a bit, have a Mi-Ti, take a nap, then do it all again. Accommodations are very basic. 2 Single beds in one room with a double in the other (2BR) or 4 single beds in 2 rooms and double in other (3Br). (I never stayed in the 1BR’s so don’t know) Efficiently type kitchen setup. Small Living Room, and nice size decks to sit out on. Depending on time of year you could be inundated with ants (Don’t leave food or medication out to attract them and you won’t have much problem, I store all mine in the fridge), but they will come and spray if need be. Pleasant staff if you are pleasant to them. Be aware the staff seems to be on island time, (Not real hop to it) but will fill your request within reasonable time. They don’t jump like you would expect from a Hilton or Hyatt. No food service but Quick Shop on premises. Restaurants within 1/4 mile.

  4. […] I am just going to cover the four main resorts here.  For the lesser known camps, check out my old post about them.  They are great for staying in Seward, Alaska or Volcanos National Park and many, many beach […]

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