If you are not already familiar with it, Trusted Traveler is a TSA program to speed certain low-risk people through the TSA screening process.  It basically requires you to only be screened as you were before 9/11.  So no taking off shoes, belts, taking out your laptop, etc.  Although randomly you will be selected to go through the normal screening process in order to keep thing honest.  So far this program has only been offered to high-level frequent flyers of American and Delta with other airlines to follow and only operates at certain airports.

You would think that servioce members would be a pretty good security risk even if they don’t fly enough to be a frequent flyer and TSA has finally recognized that.  So starting at DCA, and expanding to SEA and ATL soon, service members and their families will be able to go through this expedited screening simply by showing their CAC card.  Anyone traveling through DCA, please try this out and let us all know how well it worked.


TSA Expands PreCheck Program to Service Members
Flying Out of DCA

On March 20, 2012,
Transportation Security Administration (TSA) will expand its Trusted Traveler program, known as PreCheck, to Service members flying out of Ronald Reagan
Washington National Airport (DCA). Service members, active drilling Reservists, National Guardsmen, and members of the Coast Guard, who present a valid Common Access Card (CAC) at security checkpoints will receive expedited security screening.

To participate, members must go to the TSA PreCheck lane at the security checkpoint in terminal B (gates 10-22), and present their CAC to a TSA officer who will scan the card to verify their status as an active Service member. Once verified, members will not be required to remove their shoes, outerwear, belts, laptops and any small liquid containers from carry-ons when going through security.

Eligible Service members do not need to be on official travel or in uniform to take advantage of the TSA PreCheck program. Family members ages 12 and under traveling with an eligible member can also process through expedited screening.

While this program offers expedited screening for Service members, TSA plans to continue applying random and unpredictable screening measures as part of the agency’s layered approach to prevent terrorist from “gaming” the system.

The program is expected to be expanded to members flying out of Seattle-Tacoma International Airport and Atlanta-Hartsfield International Airport in the upcoming months.

This concept holds the potential to enhance the travel experience for government travelers. TSA hopes to expand the PreCheck program to DoD Service members and civilians at airports across the country in the future.

For more information on TSA’s PreCheck program, visit http://www.tsa.gov/what_we_do/rbs_dod.shtm.


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3 responses to “Trusted Traveler Program to Start Including Service Members”

  1. Delta Points says:

    Great news and about time! How about free GOES as well.

  2. Terence C says:

    DCA clientele tends to be well seasoned military traveler. Sometimes it feels as if the military should be screening the TSA agent. I’m more concerned about what TSA taking things from my bags….we need protection from them.

    TSA outside of DC seems to be staffed with higher caliber individuals.

  3. glenn says:

    @Rene – Yes Free Global Entry would make a lot of sense, but one thing at a time I guess.

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