I just saw this short story come across from Associated Press.

United shuts down website bookings

3:31 PM ET, 09/12/2013 – Associated Press

United Airlines was selling some tickets on Thursday for as little as $5 before shutting down bookings on its website.

Some customers were able to buy tickets before the airline stopped accepting orders on the website. A message on Thursday afternoon said flight searches and bookings were shut down for all flights. United also is not taking reservations by phone.

A United spokeswoman didn’t have an immediate comment.

Airline fare mistakes have happened before, often when an airline drops a digit when entering fares into its computer system. Social media such as Twitter ensures that word of such mistake fares spreads even faster than before.

I tried the website and had no issues.  Anyone else experiencing weirdness on the United website bookings today?

More importantly, anyone get any $5 fares?

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2 responses to “Problems with United Bookings?”

  1. I heard about this but was not able to confirm it.

  2. Charles says:

    Heard about it but did not partake. For me personally, it seems just as morally corrupt to take predatory advantage of an obvious mistake by a corporation as another human being.

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