As you know, I promoted LoungeBuddy a couple of months ago.  It is a military-friendly app to find lounges including USO lounges.  I have found it useful and they continue to expand the number of airports in its database.  It is still not perfect as I found out a couple of weeks ago in Detroit, but user feedback should let this app evolve into a perfect tool for finding a place of refuge in  a crowded airport.  Try it and give it a review.

Here is their announcement:

Dear LoungeBuddy VIP,
We’ve made it!  This morning, LoungeBuddy officially went live on the Apple App Store.  We’ve had such a tremendous response to our App leading up to this big release, that we’ve caught the eye of Apple’s Editorial Team and are now featured on the FRONT PAGE of the App Store!
We couldn’t have done it without YOU. Your feedback, reviews and enthusiasm have made LoungeBuddy an amazing travel community!
So, what does this mean for you lovely people?  Well, it is now time to update to the latest version of LoungeBuddy.  No longer will you need to directly download the App from a special link on the LoungeBuddy website.

Since we are now transitioning from a Beta version to the real deal, here’s what you’ll need to do to update:
1) Delete the current version of LoungeBuddy from your device.
2) Go to this link to access the App Store and download the latest version.
3) If you love LoungeBuddy, give us a great App Store review!

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