I’ve been touting LoungeBuddy travel App since they asked me to Beta test it in July and it just continues to grow.  As a refresher, LoungeBuddy lists all the available lounges at the airports along your trip and the location, cost to enter, amenities, and other facts you may want to know.  The programs asks you for your status and other factors so it can point you to free lounges if you qualify.


My biggest dissappointment with the initial Beta was that it only worked at about half the airports I visited.  Now it would be hard to find one they don’t list.  As I mentioned in previous posts, I worked with the developers to make this military friendly and it will list the location of the USO at each airport.  A pretty handy App and they are working hard to make it even better.  I suggest you try it out at www.loungebuddy.com or the Apple iTunes Store.


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4 responses to “LoungeBuddy Now Includes 200 Airports Worldwide”

  1. Larry says:

    Great program but I wish they would add the Caribbean airports starting with Curacao and Aruba where we’re going in a couple weeks.

  2. COL Goddard, thanks again for all of your support and for helping us to make LoungeBuddy friendly for US Military members. Happy travels 🙂

  3. @Larry We’re doing our best to expand as quickly as possible. Our strategy has been to start with the busiest airports and work down from there.

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