I have to admit that i always find it fun to go to some foreign location and discover weird stuff that we Americans would consider funny.  Here are some great examples from Singapore.

Here is the first from the restrooms in the Changi Airport.  I can only picture the poor attendant being marched off at gunpoint if you gave him a bad rating!  Out of respect to my readers sensibilities, I did not take a picture of the urinals which all had a fly painted onto the back wall of the porcelain.  I guess to give guys something to aim at?

Frequent Flyer 037

Next we have Red the M&M character eating durian.  Someone will have to explain the connection as to why they would make this figure.

Frequent Flyer 036

I couldn’t figure out the next one that we saw upon arrival at the airport.  Easter Island meets Santa Claus?

Eloisa's Phone Nov 13 1050

Only when we returned to leave the country and the display had been complete did I get it.

Frequent Flyer 085

Here’s one from the taxi stand at the airport.  It will cost you a little bit more to get a Mercedes, but if you really want to travel in style, you need to pay a premium for a Chrysler!  We actually ended up taking a Chrysler 300 on one of our trips in the city and I was totally unimpressed as to the attraction.

Frequent Flyer 083

Looking for something to eat my the Marina, I saw a small stand advertising BBQ chicken wings and carrot cake.  A pretty weird combination so I checked it out and Singaporeans call this stir fried omelette a carrot cake for some unexplained reason.

Frequent Flyer 063

This from a store in the Suntec City Shopping Mall.  You actually pay by the gram for any clothes in here.  50 cents (SGD) per gram means SGD $227 a pound!

Frequent Flyer 023

Here is one I found walking around Clarke Quay.  Yes, that is a churros bar.  And yes, they have a variety of churros and alcoholic drinks.  No, I don’t get this either, but who doesn’t like churros?

Frequent Flyer 039

Here is the name of a little bake shop in the basement of the Paragon Mall.  I probably would fire their marketing firm…

Frequent Flyer 071

Well, that’s it.  Hope you get a good laugh or two out of this. Now where can I get a churro?



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  1. belinda says:

    For the carrot cake, it’s usually made of daikon or chinese radish. It’s called carrot because the pronounciation for the word is also like how carrot is pronounced. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Turnip_cake

  2. See the fly in the urinal at my “Great Bathrooms” pretend-blog. I found the little bug in Spain. Since my blog is not as famous as yours, I’m not required to be as sensitive to readers’ sensibilities.

    Find the picture with creative googling or — much easier — here’s a personal invitation from the author (me): http://greatbathrooms.wordpress.com/about/

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