Well, it was my longest mileage run by far, but totally worth it.  21,515 EQM to re-qualify me again for 1K and 6 GPUs and 2 more RPUs into my account.  Not to mention over 43,000 RDM to use in the future.  This is why my mileage balance is so high, I earn them faster than I can use them!

Of course it was great to visit someplace so interesting with my wife seeing new sights and enjoying good food.  To me, this is the real way to do a mileage run rather than the Ranger School way of getting back on a plane right after you arrive.  I did that in Jan. on a HNL-EWR-HNL 20 hour run that was exhausting.

SIN Mileage

Thanks for sticking with me through my adventure and let me know if you need any advice on your own semi-mileage runs!

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3 responses to “Semi-Mileage Run Singapore: Victory!”

  1. Som says:

    How did you earn 43000 RDM on one trip? Is this for both of you?

  2. Arthur H says:

    Thanks for the tips. I’m heading to Singapore in a couple of weeks for semi-mileage run as well.

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