Hey gang, I just got back from my Milan trip (trip report to follow!), and finally checked my email. I had emailed Uber, to find out why people were only getting $20 of free credit and not $40, like the article title mentioned. I received a reply from Genna Smyth, from the Philadelphia office, and it stated as follows:


Genna Smyth (Uber)

Feb 01 14:05

Hey Andy,

Glad you are sharing the code! Your friends had to have signed up with your promotional code and its only good for new users/first time riders.

What you are advertising is actually not accurate – they would only get $20. One new user discount, not more than one (or $40). If you could please change that on your website, that would be great.

The credits can be seen when they log into clients.uber.com.

Please let me know if there is anything else I can do to help.

Genna Smyth

Community Manager, Philly

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Gemma’s reply notwithstanding, it seems that you do get the $40, however $20 of it is as credit, and the other $20 appears as a discount on your first ride. The KALEB promo code is a coupon that shows up on your receipt as a discount. Read the comments section in View from the Wing to get a better sense. I know from my own experience that two of my co-residents and my brother all had $40 off their rides. So stick with it and give it a shot.

However, as with everything we mention in our blog, YMMV (your mileage may vary).


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