The President’s Air Force 747-200 is coming up on 30 years of age and in need of replacement.  The Government has let a contract for a new jumbo four-engine jet, but it looks like Boeing will be the only bidder.  It doesn’t surprise me that Airbus is not bidding; can you imagine the fallout if the Commander-in-Chief was riding a French jet?  Looks like the next Prez will be flying a custom 747-800.

Air Force One

A little trivia – there are two jets.  Whichever one the President is riding on is called Air Force One and the VP’s jet is Air Force Two.  The VP also has his own 757.  This procurement is only for one jet (for over $1B) so I guess the VP will have to continue to slum it in his 757.

Here is the news article from Bloomberg.

How many miles would you redeem to get a ride on Air Force One?

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2 responses to “The Next CINC to Get a New Air Force One”

  1. Mike says:


    On many missions the other jet follows the one designated AF 1, just in case the primary has mechanical issues. They also rotate the two on many missions so bad guys don’t know which on which jet POTUS is riding.

    Since they are only buying one, I wonder how the dynamic will change.

  2. I don’t understand why Boeing does not offer the 777-8 or 777-9 Twins are cheaper to operate.

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