Andy and I have been going for a while with this blog and covered a lot of topics.  We don’t have a particular order to what we post, mostly we look for news items and trip reports/ planning.  This August we are going to have a couple of weeks as a featured blog on Boarding Area.  Last year I posted most of the boot camp pages that you can see on the sidebar.  So the question is what would all of you like to see?  Anything that you have always been curious about?  Any other areas that you would like us to cover?


Here are suggestions, but please post your own ideas.

– Mileage Runs

– Maxing Hotel Points

– Credit Card Tricks

– Trip Reports

– Government/ Military Special Deals/ Privileges

– Smart Ways to Use Miles/ Points

– ???

Thanks for your input!


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5 responses to “We’re Looking for Reader Feedback”

  1. Jane S says:

    Glenn, you bring a different perspective to travel that the other miles and points people don’t have and that is military travel. Although it may not exactly fit in with points and miles, I’d like to learn more about Space A, how to use it, where are the best places to get a flight (I’, out of IAD/RIC area), any commercial flights out of IAD that have Space A seats? What is the relationship between IHG and military hotels? How close are some of the military resorts to international airports?


  2. Veronica says:

    I’d love to hear more military specific ideas. I follow a lot of other miles and points blogs, but this one in particular offers a unique insight for those of us in the military. For example, I ignore stuff about club access because we can use the USO (not quite the same thing, but good enough for us).

  3. we would love to see some more credit card tricks

  4. Rick says:

    Please tell us if there are any ways to use any of the new hotel portals (pointshound, etc) for those of us who book the Govt’ rate – or otherwise double dip those bookings?

  5. Kevin says:

    Hi Glenn,

    How about some info on MAC flights? I agree with the other comment about the IHG program – how can I start collecting IHG points when I have to stay at that awesome Landmark Inn at Irwin? 🙂

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