We all know how awesome and terrifically user-friendly USAA is as a bank, so I feel as though a review would be superfluous for most people. However, I just discovered a new way to manufacture spend using USAA. However, I learned it not independently, but through a forum.


For those of you into manufactured spending, credit card churning, or just personal finance hacks, I cannot recommend enough the Saverocity Forums. (In full disclosure, I have another website there, called Military Finance). Just shoot Matt an email, and you’ll get signed up.


Probably the most robust subforum with the forums is the manufactured spend one. Just today I was browsing, and found an ingenious way to manufacture spend, using Paypal and USAA.


In the name of good stewardship, I’m not going to post the trick publically here, because I did not independently discover it, and don’t want to ruin it. To get you the info, I recommend one of two things: either sign up for the forums and discover it there, or post a comment below, and I’ll email everyone that responds within 72 hours.


Two requirements: you must be a USAA member, and you must be a Paypal member.


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198 responses to “A new way to manufacture spend using USAA!”

  1. Thadeus says:

    That’s too big of a carrot to dangle sir

  2. Melinda says:

    Sounds interesting, I’d like to hear more!

  3. Melinda says:

    Sounds interesting. I’d like to hear more!

  4. Terry H says:

    Hello! I am both a Paypal and USAA member and would be interested in hearing about the method. Thanks.

  5. Matthew says:

    I would like to know!

  6. Andrew says:

    I’m intrigued. I meet both requirements.

  7. George says:

    pls send info on the trick. thanks!

  8. Alex (@NoviceFlyer) says:

    Yes please:) I am both! πŸ™‚

  9. Jamie says:

    I’m a member of both and would love to know!

  10. Brad says:

    I’d like to here about it!

  11. Aaron says:

    would love to know about this!

  12. Robert says:

    Keep me in the loop!

  13. Chad says:

    I would appreciate receiving the info. Thanks!

  14. Joe S says:

    Yes please

  15. SF says:

    Sounds interesting — would love to hear more

  16. misty says:

    Yes, pls tell me more.

  17. Livvy says:

    I am both! Thank you.

  18. Ian says:

    I would like to know as well! I am a member of both… Thanks!

  19. CJ says:

    Absolutely would love to hear about it!

  20. Livvy says:

    I am both. Thanks!

  21. Ben says:

    Member of both. Curious to find out

  22. SS says:

    I’ve got accounts at both. Please let me know too.

  23. ZC says:

    Interested in learning more. Thanks!

  24. Ken Adams says:

    How do you become a USAA member if you have no US military affiliation?

    • glenn says:

      @ Ken – If you have a relative in the military, you will qualify. This can even be if your father or grandfather served.

  25. Yvonne says:

    I would love to know!

  26. FlyerM says:

    Another reason to love USAA! I’d love to hear this MS method. Thanks MFF

  27. A G says:

    Intrigued, I’d like to hear more.

  28. Julie p says:

    Interested – thanks!

  29. James says:

    Clever way to entice commenting. Count me in please

  30. Henry says:

    Hi. I’d like to hear the details, please. Thanks.

  31. Luis M. says:

    Please share the information !

  32. Ashley says:

    Very intrigued- please email πŸ™‚

  33. Big Boy says:

    Good morning,
    You are making everybody very curios and we really appreciate the fact that you are not posting it rather sending it personally, It may actually last for a few months if no one else blogs about it.

  34. greg says:

    tell me more please

  35. Docomo says:

    I have both accounts and would love to hear more. Thanks

  36. HIS says:

    This is very interesting and I would be excited to learn more.

  37. Toby Kruger says:

    Looking forward to the info. Thanks

  38. Sol says:

    Sounds interesting, I’d like to hear more!

  39. Scott M. says:

    Interesting. I have never tried using MS, but would like to hear more about it.

  40. Ron says:

    I’d like to know, thanks.

  41. wolfgang says:

    Classy of you to keep this under the radar. Would appreciate learning more.

  42. Abhi says:

    Please let me know πŸ™‚

  43. John D. says:

    I’m in!

  44. JEM says:

    Very interested, thanks!

  45. Dave says:

    Good marketing – I need to know πŸ™‚

  46. adam says:

    I’m interested- Please let me now how

  47. Ed says:

    After the demise of Bluebird I’m looking for something new. I’d appreciate it if you could email me the link. Thanks!

  48. Ben says:

    Well your integrity just went out the window. Absolutely embarrassing.

  49. Clyde says:

    Would love to hear about it!

  50. Jeremy says:

    I would appreciate the tip! Thanks!

  51. Jay C. says:

    Tell me more…


  52. Neil says:

    You got my attention! Very interested to learn.

  53. Andrew C says:

    …or you could, ya know, actually adhere to the terms of the forum and NOT troll things like this publicly.

  54. DavS says:

    Ok. I’m interested too. Thx

  55. Grant says:

    I’m interested too. Thanks for sharing.

  56. Nicole says:

    Have both! Would love to learn!!

  57. Kyle says:

    Great find, please send me the details.

  58. Trey says:

    I have both. Very interested.

  59. Jon says:

    Very interesting. Please email more info.

  60. E A says:

    Would love to know! Thanks

  61. Karen says:

    Yes, please!

  62. Jake from MSP says:

    I’ll bite

  63. Brian says:

    Can’t wait to hear it.

  64. Alick says:

    Interesting. I’m USAA and Paypal users.I’d like to hear the details, please. Thanks.

  65. Rick says:

    I am already PayPal member. need to join USAA. Tell me more about the manuf. spend

  66. Aaron says:

    Thank you for sending!

  67. Big Boy says:

    Yes, please.

  68. Matt says:

    I would be interested in knowing more! Thank you in advance!

  69. Jonathan says:

    Active-duty military in Okinawa! Please help! πŸ™‚

  70. Chris says:

    I’m interested. Thanks.

  71. Evan says:

    Interested to know, thanks.

  72. Wogi says:

    Oh boy. Send the details over please

  73. Wogi says:

    Oh boy. Send details please

  74. Mike N. says:

    Count me in as I use both and am intrigued….

  75. Kevin says:

    I would like to know!

  76. Adam S says:

    Would love to hear about this

  77. Karen says:

    Love USAA!! Interested in the info…

  78. Sean says:

    I’m a USAA member and I’m interested in learning more. Thanks.

  79. P T says:

    I am a member of both. Would love to hear the idea. Thanks.

  80. Debbie says:

    Very interested. Thanks for sharing. πŸ™‚

  81. Bryan Weiss says:

    Please send my way! Thanks

  82. KP says:

    Very interested and curious about this. Please count me in.

  83. Jose says:

    Would love to know as well

  84. Michael says:

    Been a USAA member since 1979…gotta know the trick. Thanks!

  85. DCTerr says:

    I’m a USAA member- I’m interested!

  86. Vik says:

    Hi, I’d love to learn more. Thanks

  87. CS says:

    Yeah, this I need to know

  88. CDS says:

    I would love to find out about this

  89. Alex says:

    I’m a member of both, would love to hear it.

  90. Hey Folks,

    You are all welcome to join the forum, the only rules that we have are:

    Be nice, it is supposed to be a helpful environment.
    Don’t discuss what you learn on the forum outside of the forum (on blogs or other sites, or via email…)

    The idea is we are trying to cultivate a safe place to share ideas that won’t then go on to get published on places like BoardingArea etc…

    So, thanks for the shout out in this post, and anyone who is interested please come on by, but this post does kinda violate rule number 2 πŸ™‚

  91. Josh says:

    All right I’m curious please fill me in.

  92. Haldami says:

    I’m interested.

  93. Dan says:

    I’d be interested as well. Thanks for a great blog BTW.

  94. Todd says:

    Interested. Please send information

  95. Angelo says:

    I’d love to hear about it.

  96. Jason says:

    I would love to know!!!

  97. Scott says:

    Thanks for sharing about this opportunity. I would welcome the information!

  98. Limell says:

    Yes I am both! Suspicious of PayPal, but curious to hear what this is.

  99. Kelly says:

    there is wrong info being posted about becoming a member. If you served you can become a member. then your family can become a member if you did. Just because your parent served DOES NOT make you eligible. They had to have been a member. My dad served but he wasn’t a USAA member so I cannot qualify. But since my husband was serving we became members. Now my son can become one. By the way my husband works for USAA. So membership can be passed on.

  100. Ryan says:

    USA member who would like to know more.

  101. Shabbs says:

    I’d like to know too please!

  102. misty says:

    Yes, Thanks.. pls send me the info.
    Sounds interesting.

  103. Nate says:

    Sounds cool!! Ready to hear!!!!!

  104. Craig says:

    Yes please!

  105. Matt S says:

    Would love to hear more. I have both but am new to manufactured spend

  106. DJ says:

    Yes pls enlighten me.

  107. Nigel says:

    As a member of both, I would certainly appreciate learning more. Thanks.

  108. Ken says:

    I like to know more, thanks.

  109. Steve says:

    Tickle me intrigued…..

  110. glenn says:


  111. Linda says:

    More info, please….

  112. Julian says:

    If you’re sending an email, I’d like to be included too! Thanks!

  113. Ben says:

    Thank you for understanding and not sharing the trick.

  114. Brittnee says:

    Check and check! Ready to learn

  115. Shannon says:

    Please email me the info. I signed up for the forum but apparently cannot access the info as a noob.

  116. Jason says:

    I’m in. Lmk.

  117. Bill G. says:

    Would appreciate the trick for my AA executive card coming. Both a USAA and paypal member.

  118. Kim says:

    I am a Paypal and USAA (and Forum) member and would be interested in hearing about the method. Thanks.

  119. DavidNJ says:

    Please send

  120. Eric says:

    I am both a USAA and Paypal member. I am interested in finding out more information on this. Thank you.

  121. Alex Flores says:

    Definitely need to know. Thanks for posting!

  122. Greg says:

    I’m a USAA member and I have a paypal account, so I’m interested.

  123. Nirav Shah says:

    I am both a USAA member and a Paypal member, can you help guide?

  124. Anita says:

    Please email me the tip I am so grateful for blogs like this it helps us save thousands a year

  125. Brian S says:

    Would love to hear πŸ™‚

  126. Geoff says:

    Would like to give a try. Thx.

  127. Glenn says:

    I am interested in getting the information as well. Thank you.

  128. yyyccclll says:

    thank you for sharing.

  129. Charles says:

    Tell me more…

  130. Itzzy says:

    Would love to know more.

  131. sunny says:

    thanks for sharing and yes I’d like to know more.

  132. Rick says:

    I’d like to know!

  133. DA says:

    I’d love to hear also.

  134. Mike says:

    Would love to know more. Thanks

  135. KrisT says:

    I love to hear more. Thank you.

  136. Mike says:

    Would love to hear more. Thank you

  137. hari says:

    I would like more info too please!!!

  138. KKJ says:

    Throwing in my hat. Would love to hear.

  139. David Elias says:

    Thank you for offering to email us!

  140. Paul G says:

    I absolutely want to know about this !!

  141. Maria says:

    I would love the info.

  142. Doug says:

    Please since I cannot find on the forums. Must be looking in wrong places but even a search for USAA provides nothing really related.

  143. Shaun says:

    Please keep me in the loop!

  144. Joh says:

    Do you need to be a Level 2 on the forums to access it?

  145. StevenTravel says:

    I can’t even say how bad of form it is, to take something that you did not find on your own, and blast it publicly without the other person’s permission. It’s disappointing.

  146. Ethan says:

    Please send me the info. Thanks.

  147. Mr D says:

    Interested to hear what you found. Thanks!

  148. Rob says:

    Love to hear more.

  149. Cg says:

    I’d welcome the info πŸ™‚

  150. Kate says:

    Would love to learn more. Thank you.

  151. Peter says:

    Yes, please share avec moi!

  152. Cg says:

    Help! I can’t find it either

  153. A LIN says:

    Please share.

  154. Josh says:

    Thanks, interested in learning more about it.

  155. steve says:

    interested in the info. thanks

  156. Willy says:

    Would love to hear more. Thank you

  157. Willy says:

    I would love the info

  158. K. M. says:

    I’d love to know. Thanks!

  159. braskie says:

    Please share your new MS trick.

  160. Ethan says:

    Hello, I’d very much like the info. Thanks.

  161. Ray says:

    I would love to hear about this method, please count me in!

  162. Joe says:

    I’d love it too!

  163. June says:

    I am a USAA member and would sure like to know more. Thank you!

  164. Susan says:

    I would love to hear about this. Thank you

  165. Rob says:

    I’m both, let’s here it.

  166. Marc W says:

    Can’t wait to hear more! I’m a member of both.

  167. Bobby says:

    Thanks for letting me know

  168. Jeff J says:

    I’m a member of each. Please do tell! πŸ™‚

  169. Jane says:

    I’d love to know! Please tell me!

  170. Christian says:

    I would love to get the information. Thanks!

  171. EDG says:

    As a member of both and needing to do some spending, I too would like to hear more.

  172. Will says:

    Yes please

  173. laurent says:

    Me too, thanks.

  174. Turk says:

    Accounts with both, please email.

  175. Steve says:

    I have both pls share. Really aporeciate it!

  176. sboyle says:

    interested in USAA and PayPal MS technique.


  177. Cory says:

    Would love to know. Can you send me more details? Thanks!

  178. Pwnyfizz says:

    Def interested! Thanks in advance!

  179. Mike says:

    Yes please! I have both and would like to hear!

  180. Derek says:

    interested! please email!

  181. Bret says:

    I know I am outside the 72 hr disclosure window, but I would be interested in this information. Thanks.

  182. Brian says:

    I’m a member of both. If it’s not too late i’d love to know how

  183. Dave says:

    I’m a member of both and would love to know the trick. Thanks!!

  184. Logan says:

    USAA trick please. My wife uses their card and I’m itching for another way to diversify.

  185. Mark says:

    Is there room for one more? I’m also mbr of both usaa and paypal.

  186. Brian says:

    I’m interested. Thanks!

  187. John says:

    Thanks in advance

  188. Danielle says:

    I have both and would like to know please.

  189. Pat says:

    I’m interested to know how it works, thanks!

  190. John Ryan says:

    I’m a member of both and would also like to hear about this trick; I’ve not been able to find it on Saverocity (and think I’ve read just about every page!)

  191. Pete says:

    Long-time USAA member and would be interested in this info, as I have been unable to locate it elsewhere.

  192. Sean says:

    I know it’s a while after you posted this, but could you share with me as well?

  193. Brett says:

    Is this method still alive or just went deep underground? Tried to get level 2 access on the other forum with no luck. Im new to the game somebody throw me a bone please!

  194. glenn says:

    This is Andy. This method died last month. Paypal killed it when they started closing accounts that had been purchasing MyCash cards. They closed my account with almost $1k still in it, and said I can’t get my money back for 180 days…highway robbery. I am not using Paypal again for anything, they’re a worthless company.

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