I have to apologize to all our readers for my post yesterday (this is Andy, not COL Glenn, BTW). As you may know, I have another blog over at Saverocity, called Millitary Finance, which is more personal finance stuff than frequent flying. There is also a forum there, with a particularly popular subforum about manufactured spend techniques. Part of the rules of the forum are, if you learn something within it, not to share those techniques outside of it.


Two nights ago, in a lapse of judgement, I decided that if I told people that an opportunity existed, but didn’t give them the exact steps, that it wouldn’t break the rules. Well, by promising to email all commenters, that was breaking the rules; I modified the post saying that I was not going to email anyone anymore.


Again, I’m sorry if I broke your trust, but I can’t email anyone those techniques. If it makes anyone feel any better, the technique is not scalable (only $1k per month), uses Paypal, which has in the past shut down people w/o notifying them, and, at least in my city, no longer works. The store where I purchased the cash equivalent no longer takes miles-earning credit cards for that product, similar to Vanilla Reloads at CVS.


I can assure you my intent was not to bait-and-switch. I’ve already rightfully taken a beating up over it at the forums. I can answer any additional questions but I can’t reveal the steps.




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3 responses to “Follow up from yesterday’s post – I screwed up”

  1. Shari says:

    We all screw up, but it’s the way we handle it afterwards that defines who we are. Kudos.

  2. Bexho2000 says:

    Anyone just go to the forum on MS at Flyertalk.com and learn the real thing if interested…This probably want get posted but what the h.ck!

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