Credit Card Quickdeal – Citi AA Exec 100k is back!

As per View from the Wing, the card with the biggest bonus out there is back! For the past 6 months, people have been taking advantage of 100k AA miles after $10k in spend in 3 months and a $250 annual fee ($450 minus a $200 statement credit). But all of a sudden, a couple weeks ago, the application page disappeared.


But it’s back! Here is the application page. I don’t know if it will be around for long – I never expected the 6 month run it had, so if you were thinking about it previously, you might want to jump on it now!


If you’ve already applied for and gotten one, two, or three of them, no need to worry; there are reports on Flyertalk of up to 6 cards for one person. I just got approved for my third, but without Vanilla Reloads around anymore (RIP VRs), it’s going to definitely be more difficult to hit this one.


Although Citi will waive annual fees on almost all their cards, they haven’t been on this one. I don’t mind paying $250 for 100k AA miles though, so it’s not a huge concern for me.


Anyone out there have more than 3 of these?



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