Today we have another guest post from Army Brian (can’t reveal more, he’s one of those high-speed bad-ass guys):


“A reoccurring issue I face when traveling is gym access.  Finding a hotel on TDY with a decent gym can be a challenge and is always hit or miss.  While many hotel chains have improved their game with respect gyms, some hotels still only have a treadmill, elliptical, and a few free weights.  For me it is further complicated by the fact that I am often not given a choice of which hotel to stay in due to a conference or someone else booking the hotel rooms.  While I usually end up in a nice hotel, I can’t always count on a good gym.


An option I’ve routinely used is the YMCA.  Even though I’m not a member of any specific YMCA, I’ve always gotten in for free if I ask to speak with the manager or membership director and let them know I’m active duty military on TDY orders.  I do offer to pay for a temp membership, but inevitably they let me in for free.  Though I try not to abuse their hospitality by asking for more than a week long pass.  If you’re traveling and need to hit the gym, try the YMCA.  Just be prepared to pay for a single day or short term pass.


For anyone who likes to ride and/or use spin classes, I recently found a solution for getting in some spinning time when I can’t get to a class.  Try BeatBurn Indoor Cycling by lolo ($3.99), a spin class without the class.  Using your iPhone and the music on your phone, the app coaches you through a spinning session.


I agree with Brian, it can be a pain to try and stay in shape while travelling. As I’ve said before, I generally enjoy waking up early where I am and going for a run through the city, as it makes me feel better, and I can get a pretty good layout and see some sights that way.


However, with most of the Northeast looking more like Hoth, I’ve had to come up with some indoors or even in-the-hotel-room workouts that are worthwhile. I had a pretty good routine, but found a better one, the Batman workout, on Distractify:

batman workout


I just did it last night because I was too wimpy to brave the elements to get to the gym, and it’s pretty awesome. (I blast “N.I.B” by Black Sabbath while I’m doing it!).


Also, our friends over at DD4M have an awesome link on gym discounts for military members, check it out!


What is your workout routine while travelling?


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  1. Pete says:

    I use an app called The Johnson & Johnson Official 7 Minute Workout Appt on my iphone or ipad. It’s a great app for when on the road and don’t have a gym to use.

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