Raise Money for Wounded Warriors by Joining my Friend Charlie and Me for a Crazy Run

My friend Charlie write the Running with Miles blog here on Boarding Area.  He has been very successful with that blog in the last couple of years, but is always trying to do more.  I know some crazy runners out there, but he has come up with a plan for running and frequent flyer miles that is just plane crazy.  He is going to run a full marathon distance for six days straight on six different continents.  Here is his schedule:

September 6PM – Thessaloniki, Greece
September 7AM – Cairo, Egypt
September 7PM – Abu Dhabi, UAE (yes, I know it will be hot!)
September 8PM – Sydney, Australia
September 9PM – Santiago, Chile
September 10AM – Washington, DC
and the back to Greece on the 11th.

Now there is an old saying that a good friend will bail you out of jail, but a really good friend will be sitting right next to you in jail.  Therefore, I am going to join Charlie when he gets to D.C. and run as much of a marathon as I can stand.  I hope a bunch of you can also join us and contribute to his Wounded Warriors fund drive.  For details on the run and further update, read Charlie’s blog and read about his first post on the subject here.

Wear your PT uniform and represent the armed forces for a great cause.  Personally, I am kind of hoping Charlie is worn out by the time he gets to D.C. and we can keep it down to 10 minute miles…

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  1. Thanks so much, Glenn, for putting this out! I am really looking forward to running with you and any other of our troops that come out. It should be a great time and I am honored to run with you and for our troops.

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