One of the most popular subjects that Andy has written about is the ability to get hefty credit card fees waived for Service Members.  Obviously, anything that can save our readers hundreds of dollars a year while still getting great benefits and thousands of miles and points should be taken advantage of.  The process, however, is not as simple as many would like and we have reports of some being approved for a waiver and some denied.

One of our readers, Robert, wants to share his technique for success.  He created form letters for each major credit card issuer and we are attaching them for your use.  Here is the language from his email to me that sums up his technique and his success:

I’ve slowly started to open claims with each bank, its been slow and difficult as many have commented throughout your blogs.  Persistence is key and each bank asks for different documentation initially however the SCRA specialists on the phone do not seem to review the documentation.  I’ve had the best results using my DD Form 4/1 with travel orders for Amex.  AT Orders were OK for Barclays.  Citi asked for travel orders and recently inquired about my DD Form 4/1.  Currently pending is Citi, Chase, BoA, and US Bank. Another interesting note is Barclays applied SCRA benefits to my wife’s account which is not a joint account or an authorized user.  I’m trying to see if they will honor similar benefits to her personal accounts.

Here are the cover letters he used.  Don’t forget to tailor them to your specific cards and other details.

AMEX Letter

Barclays Letter

Bank of America Letter

Chase Letter

Citibank Letter

US Bank Letter

Good luck with your submissions and please report back on your success!

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4 responses to “Additional Help on Getting Your Credit Card Fees Waived”

  1. Jake from MSP says:

    Hey Glenn,

    Great post on this! Thank you for the info…

    Could you possible shed some light on what (if any) can be done for Reservists/Guardsmen?


    • glenn says:

      @ Jake – In some ways it can be easier for a Reservist/ Guardsman. SCRA is to alleviate debts acquired before serving on active duty. As a result, we have reports from a number of our readers that the CC company has turned down their request because they acquired the CC while in the Active Component. For Reserve Component, when you are activated for MOB, ADOS or other orders making you active duty, you are carrying over an old debt and SCRA kicks in. You would need to get the CC before going on active duty though. Technically, I suppose you could do it for your two week AT, but they probably wouldn’t even get to your request before you would be off orders.

  2. Andy says:

    @Jake – Unfortunately SCRA benefits don’t usually apply in terms of getting annual fees waived for reservists and guardsmen. That being said, if you get activated, you can contact the CC companies and send your orders in, and they should apply those benefits then.

    I’ve also heard of several reservists who still got their fees waived on Amex and/or Barclaycard, despite not being currently active. It never hurts to ask.

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