Hope all of you who can make it will come out.  Andy and I look forward to meeting you all and hearing your own travel stories and military adventures.  We will also be happy to answer your questions or give you specific advice on any miles and points questions that you may have.  Hope you can make it next Thursday, 23 JUL at 1800.

The party will be a Sine’s Irish Pub at Pentagon Row.  Walking distance from the Pentagon and lots of folks come over in their uniforms so don’t worry about changing if you are just getting off work.  We’ll be there wearing our BoardingArea.com polo shirts so you can pick us out of the crowd in the back bar.  Here is a map and the pub’s website is http://www.sineirishpub.com/arlington_home

Sine 1

Sine 2

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7 responses to “Reminder to Come to Our First Blog Meet-Up next Week!”

  1. Kate says:

    Is this primarily for military folks? Live in Vienna VA, but not military.

    • glenn says:

      @Kate – Any of our readers are welcome to attend. Just be warned, you may hear us speak in a foreign language involving lots of acronyms! Ask for a translation if you don’t understand some of the terms we use.

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  3. Kate, I´m coming with my brother and he isn´t a military guy so in case You will feel “lost in translation” hearing all those acronyms, you can speak with Jim. Anyway, I think it will be fun and I´m looking forward to meeting you all tonight!

    • glenn says:

      @J.Lee – Sorry you missed the post on Monday. We had to delay the gathering two weeks until Thursday, 6 Aug. since Andy can’t make it tonight. Apologies for the delay, but hope we can see you in two weeks.

    • glenn says:

      I am worried that some people will not have gotten our message and will come tonight. I’ll be there buying drinks at 1800 for those who do show up. Look for the incredibly handsome guy in a green BoardingArea.com polo shirt.

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