Sorry, gang, but due to a family emergency, we won’t both be able to be at our first Military Frequent Flyer Blog Meet-up.  Thus, we will delay the event for two weeks so you don’t have to settle for half the pleasure of meeting our team.  Believe me, the average intelligence (and good looks) of the team will be greatly increased by waiting for Andy to be there.  We are re-scheduling the event for Thursday, 6 Aug. at Sine’s in Pentagon Row.  All of our readers, whether military or not, are welcome to attend.  Apologies on the delay, but we hope you understand and hope to see you there.

I will also take this opportunity to note that our featured period on is 27 Jul – 9 Aug.  Look for lots of content coming up, hopefully every day during this period!  Again, if you have something that you would like us to research and discuss, shoot up a note or make a post reply and we tee it up for those upcoming two weeks.


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