We all know the military sends us literally to the ends of the Earth.  One of these ends is the country of Djibouti.  My command has about 100 troops deployed there at any given time.  Their mission is to stabilize the 11 countries in East Africa as part of CJTF-HOA (Horn of Africa).   I finally had the chance to get out there and visit my troops to see how they are doing and engage the two-star leading that force.  All went well, but it is a long trip for only being there 48 hours.  My travel was pretty elaborate:






HOA Trip

At least I got lucky with DTS and earned United miles on everything.  Earned a whopping 15,412 EQM, but it comes too late in the year to really matter for my status which is a permanent UA Gold (minimum) due to my being a Million Miler.  It was a looong 36 hours to get there with an 11 hour layover in Frankfurt.  At least my Star Gold status gave me UA, Lufthansa, and Turkish gave me access to all the various lunges along the way!  There will be a future post on the Turkish lounge in Istanbul – truly incredible!

Djibouti 104

A picture of the airport terminal.  Why do all third world airports look almost exactly the same?

Djibouti 099

It wouldn’t be Djibouti without a goat herd blocking your path!

Djibouti 084

The flag of Dbibouti flies proudly next to Old Glory on the yardarm.

Djibouti 094

My Acting Command sergeant Major and I.

Djibouti 103

Had to leave too soon.  I almost didn’t make the flight.  I arrived at the airport in what I thought was plenty of time.  After clearing security, I didn’t see any other passengers and approached the Turkish Airlines counter.   A nice guy said “are you going on the Turkish flight?  You better hurry up!  I checked my watch and it was 70 minutes to flight time.  At the counter the guy started to give me a hard time saying that he was closing out, but when I said the other guy (I am assuming the boss) said I could make it he gave me my ticket.  Getting through customs and got there just in time for boarding.  I was still wondering what was going on as I boarded.  Then the Turkish pilot came on the intercom and said they decided to leave 40 minutes early today!  When have you ever had a flight leave that early?  I felt sorry for anyone showing up an hour before flight time thinking that there would be no problem getting through this dinky airport.

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  1. Robert says:

    No pictures of the city square or the heaps of kot on every corner? Nothing like the local government sedating its citizens to prevent civil unrest. A+!

  2. Ashley Ferrin says:

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  3. […] some of you know from my post last year, I  have troops deployed to Djibouti and go out there to visit them about once a year.  Last year I flew Turkish Airlines to get there […]

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