It shouldn’t be news to anyone that United is totally revamping a number of their clubs.  Some of them will be turned into elite Polaris Lounges, available only for those flying Polaris Business/ First, but all the United Clubs are sorely in need of renovation.  At some airports, like Newark, this has been painful as their really is no alternative, but to close the club during construction.  Fortunately, at SFO the beyond security area is large enough that United can create a temporary clubs to entertain the many of us who purchased a membership (through the CC), while construction of the main club is underway.

I used to fly out of SFO all the time, but since moving back east four years ago, not so much anymore.  I looked forward to seeing what they were doing with the major construction there.  Here are a couple of pictures of the Terminal 1 demo going on.SFO United Club 002


SFO United Club 003

The temporary club is now located at the corner of the United Pier and pretty easy to find, unlike the old club.

SFO United Club 004 SFO United Club 005

To lower your expectations, this club is not large.  It is way smaller than the old main United Club, however, it was not crowded when I was there for my late night flight (~1700 – 2100 hrs.).  IT has a nice main room with the bar all along one wall.

SFO United Club 006 SFO United Club 007

I did appreciate that there were plenty of power outlets and USB ports near every seat.  No hunting around the club for power like most United Clubs!  The anteroom adjoining the main room was half the size and contain more, probably quieter, seating and the food bar.

SFO United Club 008 SFO United Club 009

The food offerings weren’t spectacular, but definitely improved even over the improvements made a couple of years ago.  Waaay better than the food available for years in these clubs.  Two different soups and cheese-filled cold cuts.  Made me feel like I was eating breakfast in Germany.  “Fixings” for the soup and stone-ground mustard was a huge plus!

SFO United Club 010 SFO United Club 011

Not a bad dinner, better than an MRE which has been my choice many times in my life.

SFO United Club 012 SFO United Club 013

Look forward to visiting the full United Club when it is completed.


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  1. Greg says:

    FYI this isn’t a temporary club.

    There was a temporary club nearby while this one was being built.

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