Authoritarian regimes don’t get any worse than Kim Jung Un’s North Korean dictatorship ironically named the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.  Concentration camps, people executed at the drop of a hat, mass starvation while maintaining a million man army, they have it all in an otherwise beautiful country.


The story I saw this morning in the Washington Post was quite a shock to me.  Apparently, there is a hostel in Berlin, named the City Hostel, that is owned by the North Korean Government.  It was given to the North Koreans by the former East German communist government many years ago.  While Koreans do not operate the hostel or accompanying conference center, they get the proceeds of everyone staying there.  Thus people were unwittingly funding one of the world’s worst regimes who developed nuclear weapons.

KimJongUnPhoto courtesy of Fox News.

The German government is now shutting this hotel down.  It is hard to believe that they are only taking this step now considering the many years that North Korea has threatened its  neighbors with war and now nuclear missiles.  Apparently, this is only happening since a November UN resolution to shutdown diplomatic real estate as a revenue source.

The amazing part is that you can still book this hostel!  There is no closing date for the hostel which makes me wonder what is taking the German government so long or what the effect of their announcement is.

Have you ever stayed there or known someone who did?

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4 responses to “Did Your Travels Helps Fund the Evil North Korean Regime?”

  1. James Howlett says:

    Errr…. you are saying they are “evil” because what you know they do/did something that is not right in your view,regardless of any difference of culture, morality or anything. If they are evil, are you angel then? Or god?

    • glenn says:

      @ James – If you don’t think the North Korean regime is evil, then I guess Hitler or Stalin were just misunderstood human beings in your book.

  2. ZO says:

    @James Howlett, your relative moralism is nauseating at best, and makes me wonder if maybe deep-down you aren’t just a teensy-weensy bit of a sociopath too

  3. James Howlett says:

    I surely hope their definition of evil is not because they eat rice instead of bread and/or using chopstick instead of fork…. then again, they way both of you respond to difference of view and opinion truly reflects the champion of democracy mindset…..

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