I rarely fly out of Terminal B at Newark, so I researched lounges that I would qualify for using the Loungebuddy app.  Turns out Priority Pass gave me access to a strangely named lounge – “The Art & Lounge”.  I made the mistake of going through security and looking for the lounge, but couldn’t find it.  Turns out if I had paid attention to Loungebuddy, the lounge was before security near the Duty Free shop.  It wasn’t that hard to find once I learned to follow directions.

Although Priority Pass is the easy access here, you can see that Norwegian, Polish LOT, and French LaCompanie also can give you access presumably if you are in Business or First.

Inside the lounge felt tight but that’s because it is subdivided into many rooms.

Turns out that this lounge has a mission – to highlight art and be a gallery to appreciate local art.  Almost all the walls are covered by various pieces of art or all type.  I didn’t ask, but I am sure you could arrange to buy a piece that you really love.  If you are an art lover, this would be a great way to pass the time waiting for your flight.

Of course, if you are slightly less into art, like me, there is always the food and drink.  They have a self-serve bucket o’ booze and a fairly good buffet of various foods.

All-in-all a very different type of lounge than we usually encounter.  I spent four hours there doing work with very good wifi.  Check it out, especially if you got one of those ridiculously cheap Norwegian fares and are flying out of Terminal B at Newark.

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  1. rmh says:

    is it possible to get a day pass for this lounge?


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