Loungebuddy Continues to Evolve

I recently wrote about Loungebuddy, the new app to guide you to all the lounges available at the world’s main airports.  Some of you downloaded the Beta version and feedback has (apparently) been streaming in as I recieved this in my AKO inbox:

Dear Friend of LoungeBuddy,

We’ve been hard at work making LoungeBuddy the best place to improve your air travel experience by helping you find your preferred airport oasis.
Over the past few weeks, we’ve received hundreds of valuable pieces of feedback and based on these responses, we have a newly redesigned version ready for your enjoyment.

Because we’re in beta, there is a limited time that your current version will work before you need to update, so be sure to update soon!
To update LoungeBuddy, simply open the App and press “Update Now” or tap the button below directly from your iPhone or iPod Touch.  You can find Lungebuddy on line at www.loungebuddy.com.

They added a few new airports, including DCA, which I use all the time.  I am sure they will continue to grow this valuable app.  Try it out and see what you think!

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