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Ahh, the sun is shining and you’re sitting on a beach with a cocktail in hand. Life couldn’t get better, right? Suddenly, you feel dizzy and start feeling a lack of energy and focus so you run back to your hotel room and try to find a thermometer to measure if you have a fever or not. One of the residents has one and, well, you’re sick. How did this happen – you might ask. If you did nothing wrong, surely there’s no way to get sick, right? Wrong. Here’s why:

When we change environments, our bodies need some time to acclimate to the new, well, everything! If your immune system is extra strong back home, it might end up being nothing in the face of bacteria it has never faced before. This is a fairly common occurrence and it’s neither surprising nor impossible to deal with. Luckily, there are a couple of steps and secrets you can follow if you want to avoid getting sick for no reason. Without further ado, here are 5 secrets that will help you stay healthy while on a vacation.


Never Skip Breakfast

Skipping breakfast is always a bad thing, but it’s even worse when you do it abroad. See, when you wake up, your body slowly starts activating fully. Soon after you’re awake, you’ll feel the need to eat. Do not skip breakfast. Your body needs energy supplies and vitamins from the get-go, and by declining to give some to it, you’re causing your body to work slower to suit the current situation. You might lose a little bit of weight, but this comes at a price:

Your body will burn through anything, and that includes muscle. Additionally, skipping breakfast has been linked to issues with digestion. These problems can be even worse when you’re abroad, and your body is working extra hard to stay healthy and strong. Always eat breakfast; it doesn’t have to be anything too strong, but a relatively large meal should be considered.

Drink Bottled Water and Avoid Raw Food

This might come as a surprise to some, but, tap water from a foreign place can seriously harm you. This isn’t because their water is impure and dirty; rather, it’s because your body (again) isn’t used to such a change and difference. Bottled water is your best bet for staying healthy and avoiding indigestion and stomach cramps (in some cases, you might even get diarrhea).

Raw food is another big no – you can’t know whether that food is safe or not unless you’re an expert. Some traditional raw food (such as Japanese Sushi) is mostly safe, but if you want to try it, we recommend paying extra and going to a reputable restaurant (which adheres to safety standards and hasn’t had a history of guest illnesses).

Walking is your Secret Weapon

Walking improves the overall status of your immune system, as well as keeping you healthy and strong. You might feel fatigue due to traveling to a place that you just aren’t used to (and neither is your body), and it can also occur due to jetlag. In any case, there’s no better way to get back on track and help your body recuperate than walking. Avoid using the car or even a taxi; unless you’re in a hurry, a walk or two through the woods will do wonders for your health!

Stay Hydrated


Thinking of going somewhere cold like Iceland or Norway? Go for it, but, remember to stay hydrated! Even colder places affect our bodies, and it’s in your best interest to stay hydrated by drinking water whenever you’re thirsty. Avoid fizzy drinks and other similar beverages because you’ll need H2O more than anything. Again, our bodies can’t instantly get used to the outside; especially when the difference is so significant between your vacation location and home. If you’re going somewhere hot – pack extra bottles of water! You don’t want to end up dehydrated.

Additionally, make yourself some Kratom tea before going out! Kratom is a potent herb that can help you with energy issues. Check out Kratom Crazy for more info on this topic!

Pack Snacks


Snacks (not the junk food kind) are essential to staying healthy abroad. Some nuts and maybe even an apple or two are amazing choices because they’re packed with energy, and they’ll revitalize you like nothing else.

You will need some extra energy because you’ll end up tired quicker than at home (even basic tasks such as walking can be tiresome), so be careful!

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  1. Matt says:

    So walk, drink water, and eat right — groundbreaking insights!

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